About Us: 

We are located within the CBD of Somerset West, with free parking behind the building. The practice was founded in 1972 and is well established. 

We are contracted in with medical aids, including Discovery Health, and claim directly on behalf of our clients. 

We provide a variety of treatments within the physiotherapy sphere, including back and neck treatments, cervicogenic headaches, sports injuries, musculoskeletal treatments and reconditioning, orthopaedic treatments, respiratory physiotherapy, dry needling (modern acupuncture) and soft tissue treatments. 

Our team: 

Ula Gillion (B.Sc Physio) UWC

Estelle Lambrechts (B.Sc Physio) Stell.

Nicholas Schultz (B.Sc Physio) UWC

Glynnis Du Preez (Practice Administrator)

14 Caledon Street, 5 Elwil Building, Somerset West |021-8512888 |admin@helderbergphysio.com

Notice Board:

Please note our hours for the Easter Weekend:
Friday 30 March - Closed
Saturday 31 March - Closed
Monday 2 April - Closed